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Found 6 results

  1. I need to get a report of local and network printers in our company infrastructure to our management team. I am not certain how I will get printer info we need (computer/location of printer/Printer make and model/Network or local). We have about 2700 computers on our network, I would say about 200 of them have local printers. Is there a script I can run in Automate to find this out and create a report? I have seen scripts that can do it one computer at a time....that needs to be run on each computer.....but I do not really know scripting enough to create one that can get me the inf
  2. I'm using the "Custom Tray Menus" as the building blocks for a plugin i'm wanting to make to have a better interface for creating new tickets. Before i spend my time creating a pretty form asking the relavent questions to the user i wanted to check i can create a test ticket from the try but am struggling. Has anyone got any ideas? The create ticket examples use an interface that i think is only avaiable as a controle center plugin and not a remote agent plugin. I'm not seeing an obviouse interface to create tickets from the ITrayHost.
  3. We are trying to get started with ConnectWise integration. We have a solution running which which uses ConnectWise Automate currently in read-only mode using the REST APIs. We now want to call services to start to update the database and exploit other integration points by accessing the various plugins such as the Connect function in Control. Unfortunately we are finding both the developer and the invent pages of the website somewhat opaque. Can anyone point me at a baby steps document that can take us through in bite size chunks the activity to start to exploit what is clearly a rich envi
  4. Anyone use the Trend Micro AV Plugin successfully? Recently installed on a Client and it's garbage. Extremely slow, inconsistent, confusing and sends a ton of false alarms. I'm trying to figure out if this is just a plugin setup issue or if it's just inherent with the plugin itself.
  5. Anyone know of any repositories for Automate plugins? I already utilize http://www.plugins4automate.com. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  6. After upgrading to Patch 18 on our LT11 Server, on all Vpro enabled Computers, under computerscreen - plugins the Vpro plugin is missing. Can anyone confirm this behaviour under LT11 patch18?
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