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Found 5 results

  1. I am struggling with the new GEN2 probe and it's identification of VMware virtual machines. The probe locates the VM, but it classifies it as: Manufacturer = "Vmware, INC." Type - "Network Device" It appears to stop there and is never identified as a windows machine so the probe never pushes out the agent to the endpoint. The Agent Readiness shows either Not Applicable (can't recognize if it is a computer) or Not Ready (no valid credentials found) even though every possible location where client credentials are needed is populated with the correct credentials (I verified this because non-VM's get the agent installed just fine from the same probe.) The legacy deployment manager can push the agent to the endpoint, and the new CWA agent deploy utility can also push the agent out to these endpoints without issue. I just want to figure out why the probe isn't detecting it as a windows endpoint and pushing the agent out automatically. I need some help on this one as Automate support never figured it out and it is slowing down our deployment having to open each device and install the client manually or use one of the tool or utilities to manually push the agent out. Note: I am aware of GPO based deployment but I can't wait forever to get an endpoint to reboot to install the agent. Most of these are servers and getting clients to allow server reboots (even when everyone is asleep is next to impossible.)
  2. I am starting a new thread so as not to hijack or take the previous thread off topic, previous correspondence was given on an older post by @Duvak I am trying to set my templates up according to what @Duvak had stated, but I can't seem to get it to work If I walk the device I get OID with a value of, I tried your method of ^, but it doesn't detect I tried OID which has a string value of RouterOS RB2011UAS, I tried (?!)RouterOS.* and I have tried the full string RouterOS RB2011UAS None of these methods seem to detect the device as a Firewall, it comes up as a generic Network Device
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone has come across this issue before. I am trying to automate agent deployment from the Probe/Deployment manager and 9 out of 10 clients are pushing back with "Could not connect with passwords or system is firewalled" I have tried multiple admin accounts and i'm still getting the same issue. Is there any particular ports that need to be open on the firewall to allow this to happen?
  4. I need to create a monitor for letting me know when Probe machines are offline for each site. Does anyone have a solution for this? What I would like is to get notified when a probe machines goes offline and have it send an alert.
  5. How can probe commands be scripted? I want to script an SNMP walk. I see the probecommands table in the database separate from the commands table How do I pass probe commands through a script?
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