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Found 4 results

  1. This monitor identifies the current agent version for OSX, Linux and Windows Agents. Each hour the monitor checks for agents that are not at the current version, and issues the Agent Update command to a small batch of online agents. It will only issue the command once per day for any particular agent, and only if there are no pending/executing update commands already in the queue. This has been moved to the File Download section. You can download it here: https://www.mspgeek.com/files/file/45-cwa-agent-version-update-monitor/
  2. David Larsen

    Internal Monitor RAWSQL Hanging

    Hi, I am trying to test an internal monitor I've created. I'm using a RAWSQL monitor. Unfortunately, when in the configuration window, if I go to the "Query Results" tab, the query seems to hang, and if I mouse over the results pane, it just displays the hourglass. Running the query in my DBMS works fine. More confusingly, another user can open the monitor configuration window and see the query results, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the query. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this issue? Thanks!
  3. I thought this one of mine was worth sharing, especially helpful if you need a method of mass generating alerts/tickets/warnings for clients running Office 2007 or earlier. https://gavsto.com/internal-monitor-rawsql-machines-running-office-2007-v12-or-earlier/ Instructions and download above!
  4. What started as an idea for assigning the "FriendlyName" for an agent by a script run one agent at a time, turned into a single SQL query that could update the FriendlyName for many agents at once. Wrapping that into a RAWSQL Internal Monitor allows you always have the data updated, and to flexibly control how it is applied. The Internal Monitor can have agents excluded or groups targeted to easily manage the scope of agent updates or to prevent any specific agent from possibly being updated. The name is updated to include the computer Model (computers.BiosName) string. If the FriendlyName is not blank and doesn't contain the model name, then it has been customized by someone else and will not be changed. This monitor sets the name to " ( - )". It also checks that the computer name doesn't already include the serial/svc tag, if it is present in the computer name it leaves it out of the FriendlyName. Because of the potential to change many systems at once, I left some safety checks in place you will need to remove. Specifically, the "AND c1.computerid IN (1,2,3)" limits the agent list to those specific agents. You can add a single computer or two here to test the monitor, and when you are comfortable remove that section of the query (in red). This is the monitor. If you do not specify a location or group for targeting, the query will fail. To resolve this, remove the section in orange. To allow computer exclusions to work, the AgentID number in the query must match the AgentID for the monitor (highlighted yellow). I tweaked the SQL import statement so this should be fixed for you, but you have been warned that the number must match your system AgentID for exclusions to work properly. If you want to change how the FriendlyName is set, the sections to modify are shown in green. I discovered some issues (Whitebox systems with a svc tag value of 'To be filled in by O.E.M.', and other odd values in my environment) so I have updated the query included in the attached .zip. The new query is shown below, when I have time I'll add the color markup and remove the outdated first image. The updated query still contains the "SAFETY" code limiting to computerid (1,2,3) or clientid(-1). Remove/Adjust those statements to test or deploy in production. AssignFriendlyNames.zip