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Found 1 result

  1. Michael Priest

    Discover Keys - Product Key Collector

    Hi All, I've been working on another plugin to take the place of the Product Key collection script that is in LabTech as well as Replace the Recover Key's script that is often talked about on this forum, i've put together a plugin which I've called "Discover Keys" and the purpose of this plugin is to collect product keys using either Produ-Key (Free) or Recover Keys 8.0 (Paid) and populate the Product Keys Table within LabTech, I'm at a point where i am after some people to help test and provide feedback on the plugin. Whilst the Plugin is not 100% Finished and there are some spots in the interface that remained unfinished or has place-holder text all core functionality seems to work in my testing, one thing that needs to be noted is this Plugin has been built around the LabTech 10 SDK model so it will not install on anything before LabTech build 100.332. There is currently no Documentation available for the Plugin but i believe it to be simple enough to Install and Enable, a highlight of the features are below Availability Can be installed through my Plugin Installer : http://apps.michaelpriest.com.au/MPPluginInstaller/. All Installs will activate in Trial mode, during the testing period there is an extended trial period available. No Current documentation is available. Super Admin account holders will receive pop-up notifications within the LabTech Control Center during the Testing stage from time-to-time to Notify of available Updates. Current Version Info Discover Keys - Discover Keys Remote Agent - Features Script Less - All Product Key collection is handled as an Inventory Process on a schedule, currently this hooks into the "Software Inventory" but plans will be to split it out into it's own schedule ProduKey - Free Product Key Recovery utility, ProduKey executable is transferred from the LabTech Server to the Computer. Recover Keys Version(s) 11.0, 10.0, 9.0 and 8.0 - a more advanced collection method using a licensed product which provides greater detail and supports a larger product range, again files are transferred directly from the LabTech server to the Computer. Product Keys Tab - Added a tab to the Computer Screen to show Product Keys directly relating to the computer you are viewing. Setup Install the Plugin using the Plugin Installer listed above, wait 60 seconds. Reload your LabTech Control Center. Navigate to the LabTech Dashboard > Config > Integration > Discover Keys and select your desired options. Done! Notes Recover Keys 11.0, 10.0, 9.0 and 8.0 is the only current supported Version of Recover Keys. Failing to enter your Recover Keys Serial number will result in Recover Keys running in Demo Mode. There is an Option on the Dashboard to Disable the In-Built Product Key script, this will set a Property that will cause the Product Keys script to EXIT before it can Run ANY commands against the remote agent, effectively disabling it. Recover Keys files will be automatically downloaded to your LT Share and placed in the correct folder structure Discover Keys consists of Two Plugins, Remote Agent and Server plugin, the installer will handle the installation of both of these plugins. The Product Keys Tab on the Computer Screen has linked permissions directly back to the users right's to View or modify Product keys (Client Level Permission), the TAB will NOT appear if the user does not have rights to view Product Key,