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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning, I am working on a report for our CEO. He has asked that we generate a monthly report to list all remote software that isn't Connectwise Control. I looked through the report center, I even read through all of the documentation that Connectwise has on this product. I was still unable to achieve this. When running a search I was able to grab the SQL syntax from it and this is what I got: SELECT computers.computerid as `Computer Id`, computers.name as `Computer Name`, clients.name as `Client Name`, computers.domain as `Computer Domain`, computers.username as `Computer User`, Software.Name as `Computer.Applications.Name' FROM Computers LEFT JOIN inv_operatingsystem ON (Computers.ComputerId=inv_operatingsystem.ComputerId) LEFT JOIN Clients ON (Computers.ClientId=Clients.ClientId) LEFT JOIN Locations ON (Computers.LocationId=Locations.LocationID) LEFT JOIN Software ON (Software.ComputerId = Computers.ComputerId) WHERE ((((Instr(Software.Name,'TeamViewer') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Remote Utilities') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Ultra VNC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'RemotePC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'AnyDesk') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Comodo Unite') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'join.me') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'LogmeIn') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'VNC') > 0)))) From here it listed all of the tables that I needed. I saw within the report center there was a script editor where you were able to use C#, Visual Basic, and JScript .NET. Is there a way to run a custom SQL query within the script editor using one of those languages? I am really needing help on this one. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know!
  2. cdk

    Agent Status Reports

    Has anyone been able to develop an agent status report in the new 'Report Center'?
  3. Hi Guys, I have been using Automate for the last 6 months and so far I have managed to improve my Knowledge and usage of the system. We recently got Report Center installed and I have been working on what I thought to be a simple solution to the Monitor - Agents no checkin for last 30days. Objective: Create an automated report that queries the Computer data and returns data (Agents no checkin for last 30days) I have configured my data source to use the following; Computer table, I can pull information from all clients but cannot restrict this information to only return devices that have not checked in online using the field () I have also tried the following but it has failed to return the required results. I changed the expression for the field ComputerDateLastContact I have added the following ComputerName as a calculated field and set the expression to below; But still no results. To my surprise there is no clear location to restrict this info using SQL codes such as (', Format(AddDays(Now(),-30), 'MMMM d - '), Format(Now(), 'MMMM d, yyyy)')). I also tried to add this to the Where SQL statement in the Query Editor; Please I need help, I have been in touch with ConnectWise support and their response was not great - they only assist with default reports not custom reports. I believe in normal SQL application this would be as easy as - SELECT Computers FROM computers, location, client LEFT JOIN by client WHERE computer.ComputerDateLastContact > 30days I am looking to restrict the data pulled from the database, which I believe is similar to the filter screen on connectwise Report list, see below. However no one in connectwise support is trained extensively to advise. I feel this is a simple filter that can be applied to the report. Any directions or help would be great
  4. Has anyone figured out how to sort the Schedule Lists and Email Templates alphabetically versus chronologically in the Report Center? I submitted a ticket to Labtech support and was told you cannot do it.
  5. Hi! I am trying to create a report to show what computers have a specific piece of software installed. I am using the software table and the computers table. The software table has a WHERE statement to show the software I am looking for. I have created a relationship between software and computers by ComputerID so I know what computer has the software. The problem is, there can be multiple versions of the software installed. This means that computers appear twice. How can I get my report to only show unique entries? I am using a Table to show the results. I have the same problem with dataviews, there is no way to only show unique values - but that's another story. Thank you in advance!
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