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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, neighbors. I'm still only a few months into this Automate experience. I spent the morning going over https://www.gavsto.com/labtech-report-center/ (missing images and all) as well as what I can grok of the DevExpress docs online. All this so I can make a single-table report to show which machines have what CrashPlan versions installed. (Can this be done in a Search? KIND OF, but as soon as you do Application Match you lose the ability to get anything under that match group into the Excel results, grr, argh. Can it be done in SQL? Maybe but I'm not a SQL guy and we're Hosted so our access to SQL is very limited. Can it be done in a Dataview? Boy wouldn't a non-wonky Dataview editor be nice!) Anyway: Instead of adding new forehead-shaped dents to my wall, I'm here to see if anyone can nudge me in the right direction. All I really want, at the moment, is to make it so I can get the computer name to match up to a computer ID in my little software installed-version table. I have two Queries in my Data Source Editor: CrashPlan Software - Source: 'software', Where SQL: Name like '%CrashPlan%', Included columns: ComputerID, Name, Version, DateInstalled. Basically this does work! And if I didn't mind looking up agent ID numbers I wouldn't need to tie into the other table, but I do mind so I do need the other table. Client Computers - Source: 'computers', Included columns: ComputerID, Name, ClientID. I have a parent/child relationship tied to the ComputerID field. Great, but no matter what I do, regardless of which I make the Parent and which the Child, when I try to bring in computers.Name and/or computers.ClientID I get either the first result repeated or blank results. Is this just brokenness in the Report Designer or am I fundamentally misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?
  2. Good morning, I am working on a report for our CEO. He has asked that we generate a monthly report to list all remote software that isn't Connectwise Control. I looked through the report center, I even read through all of the documentation that Connectwise has on this product. I was still unable to achieve this. When running a search I was able to grab the SQL syntax from it and this is what I got: SELECT computers.computerid as `Computer Id`, computers.name as `Computer Name`, clients.name as `Client Name`, computers.domain as `Computer Domain`, computers.username as `Computer User`, Software.Name as `Computer.Applications.Name' FROM Computers LEFT JOIN inv_operatingsystem ON (Computers.ComputerId=inv_operatingsystem.ComputerId) LEFT JOIN Clients ON (Computers.ClientId=Clients.ClientId) LEFT JOIN Locations ON (Computers.LocationId=Locations.LocationID) LEFT JOIN Software ON (Software.ComputerId = Computers.ComputerId) WHERE ((((Instr(Software.Name,'TeamViewer') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Remote Utilities') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Ultra VNC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'RemotePC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'AnyDesk') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Comodo Unite') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'join.me') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'LogmeIn') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'VNC') > 0)))) From here it listed all of the tables that I needed. I saw within the report center there was a script editor where you were able to use C#, Visual Basic, and JScript .NET. Is there a way to run a custom SQL query within the script editor using one of those languages? I am really needing help on this one. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know!
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