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Found 4 results

  1. I'm relatively new to Automate reporting and simply trying to modify the specified date range to view historic disk usage. The default "Performance Review" and "Drive Detail" reports display somewhat useful data, but I'm struggling with modifying the date range to go beyond 30 days. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Patrick Kuras

    Report Groups or Packages

    I would like to be able to define groups of reports that can be run and/or scheduled all at once with a single operation. We want to create a standard package of monthly reports, and it would be far easier to schedule for each client if it were a group of reports being scheduled, with a single schedule entry, rather than each individual report, one at a time. We will also run a similar package of reports in preparation for each QBR meeting, and the same thing applies - it's far easier to click go on a single item and get all the reports I need, than to have to kick off each report individually. This a capability we had in Kaseya VSA at my last job, and I will be disappointed if Automate cannot do this. Can anyone advise me? Thanks in advance...
  3. Curious question for you guys... I have recently started noticing in both my Computer Health Standards reports, and in the Standards & Health Plugin... that almost all of my agents are getting dinged on score, for one of the Patch Recommendation checks.. Specifically, it's complaining about "Missing Security Baseline Patch". Question is, does anyone have info on exactly what this baseline is, and how it is checked. I am seeing this almost across the board, and on agents who show 100% patching scores in in Patch Manager. Just looking for any info on how these checks are run, if anyone knows? It seems like these checks are run against Microsoft recommendations somehow? The CVSS score checks make sense as I have something tangible to compare to, however the baseline is a mystery to me? Thanks Tim!
  4. I am discovering the usefulness of EDF's can this information be included in reports. Or is there any way to get the status of a site from a consolidated view instead of navigating into each system individually? Thanks.