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Found 13 results

  1. Using Automate, I am trying to locate/create a report that will show me the OS build number of my endpoints. As build 2004 is being released I want to see who is on what. I looked in the canned reports and also under DataViews and am not able to locate this information. Am I missing it? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Support agent didn't have an answer and recommended checking out MSP geek - so here I am. Recovery Partitions are creating alerts (full drive or in this case, partition) and I have been toying around with executive reports and the stats like drive performance, Top 2 At-Risk and I think 1 other item are all off (bad scores). Support offered no built in way to have Automate ignore those drives. My thought was to simply remove the drive letter for those recovery partitions on each computer ... but we have thousands of computers in automate that have recovery partitions and I really don'
  3. I would like to customize one of the basic inventory reports to include the machine's BIOS date. For the life of me I can't find the data source that includes this field. It is definitely captured by the Automate agent, on the hardware tile it is located here: Does anyone know how I can get that field on a report? Thanks! [First Post]
  4. Hi all Just coming to create some manual reports in connectwise automate for the first time. Looking to extract a report showing the cores and logical processors of devices i have agents on. Spoke to connectwise and they said heres our standard ( of which i can't find this info ) and they mentioned, if its not in "inventory" come here and check forums :) Only thing i can find in automate is the type of processor, had a quick look at the fields in custom reports but could spot anything there. Any know of such a report / how to generate this in automate or other scripts that
  5. Hello All- New to the Forum and to ConnectWise. I was reviewing some of the report data and was not able to find the information on how to collect a list of the applications that exist on a device with the last ran date included. We have a need to identify the existence of the application in the environment and figure out if the users actually use it or if it can be removed. If anyone has come across this type of report configuration I would certainly be interested to know how this can be achieved. Thanks all
  6. I am looking to see if it is possible to make Automate reports accessible via the ConnectWise Manage Client Portal.? We have a few Automate reports that when want our clients to be able to access and run on demand. Anyone have any experience with this? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  7. I would like to be able to define groups of reports that can be run and/or scheduled all at once with a single operation. We want to create a standard package of monthly reports, and it would be far easier to schedule for each client if it were a group of reports being scheduled, with a single schedule entry, rather than each individual report, one at a time. We will also run a similar package of reports in preparation for each QBR meeting, and the same thing applies - it's far easier to click go on a single item and get all the reports I need, than to have to kick off each report individually
  8. Hello- I was wondering if anyone knew how to edit the Executive Summary Report to break it down by client locations instead of having it combined into one? I am new at and not very good at report editing so I am sure there is a way, I just haven't been able to figure it out yet. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey all, We're running into some limitations with the health history queries for the stock AV health report (too many agents, query takes too long to run), and I'm looking to modify the stock report to: show all computers for the client, whether they're at risk or not, and their current definition date. I got this from support on pulling definition data straight from the SQL backend using a query virus definition date is stored in the computers table, in the field named virusdefs, so a query like this will get you a list of computers, their clients, and the AV definition date: S
  10. I am looking to run/schedule a Patch Compliance Report. I can run this against the client only. This gives me all the workstations and servers. Since we have our servers in a different location would it be possible to run this report with the client and location thus giving me the report for just the servers? If there is a different report I need to be running please let me know that as well. What I would like to see is How Compliance is my servers. Last Patch Date and all patches approved and ready to install. Thank you! Rob
  11. Hi All I am trying to run a Computer Audit report, but I'm getting the following error. Anyone experienced this before? Cheers
  12. I have been working with the new Report Center using DevExpress to try and generated a Report by client to list their servers and the number of failed logins for each. The problem I'm having is that when I update the custom field to "count" per Group, it does it for the entire client and not per computer. Has anyone else tried to generate a report like this?
  13. I was looking to provide a report that gave more of a count on software. I am a bit new with Automate and the reporting and was wondering if anyone had any examples. I was thinking of something more tabular in way of a report. Software | Install Count | Version Google Earth | 27 | 12.84.22 Google Chrome | 45 | 37.18.4 Anyway that is more of what I am looking for. Anyone have a suggestion on how one might go about doing that? Thanks, Dave
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