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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Guys, We used ScreenConnect separate to LT for a while, and used a trigger to send a chat message to M$ Teams. Included in this was a link to the PC in ScreenConnect. We are phasing out ScreenConnect as its own service and are instead going to be using only the built in SC client with Automate. I want to have a way to re introduce the link so that the team can click this and land onto the Computer within Automate. Is there a way to generate this link easily? Buy default you get the computer name but not the computer ID. I am sure its possible with the default install to have Automate push across some additional custom propperties like the Automate Computer ID? Even with this, how can I have a link that will launch the computer page? Thanks Chris
  2. When I log into my Screenconnect portal online, I see I have around 700 access sessions listed that have piled up from the past few years. I'd like to clean up these sessions so that only the computers I am currently monitoring in Labtech are listed. Rather than going in manually and ending the sessions which are no longer relevant, is there some way to synchronize the list of sessions to match what I have in Labtech? Any advice pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.
  3. Is there a minimum required (or recommended) version of ScreenConnect/Control (Server/Access Agent) and/or the related LabTech/Automate Plugin in order to use the "Use Control to Update your Automate Remote Agents" Utility? Also, does ConnectWise have that utility "published" any where on their website? (Didn't see such a link in that Announcement.)
  4. When I try to launch Screen Connect inside of manage I get a Security Warning that says "Your administrator has blocked this application because it potentially poses a security risk to your computer." I added the screen connect server to the trusted sites zone in IE. Any thoughts or advice?
  5. We just upgraded to Automate 12 and there are a lot of things we like about it, however we no longer have the ability to right click on a computer in the main control center dashboard and then connect using ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect). Does anyone know if there is a way to get that feature back or if it was just removed in Automate 12?
  6. Does anyone know of a way to test whether a (specifically Mac OS X) endpoint is accessible via ScreenConnect without actually launching a session and potentially incurring a confused/irate call from a client about why we were randomly taking over their system? I'm fighting with an issue where multiple Mac OS endpoints show ScreenConnect as installed but will only display a black screen (or the "your partner has not connected yet" error) when our techs try to remote in. I've attacked this in a couple of ways, including a Labtech search for installed software and a script that queries running processes with pgrep and returns the PID for screenconnect and/or connectwisecontrol. Some of these systems report the plugin running and return a valid PID (confirmed via terminal commands in the Labtech CMD prompt) but they're still not accessible via a ScreenConnect session, which our techs only find out when they actually need to open a session. I've seen some posts here about running commands against ScreenConnect and a script uploaded to reinstall/redeploy on Windows and MacOS hosts, but I'm not sure how to go about applying them. Ultimately what I'm looking to do is get a definitive list of hosts that cannot be accessed via ScreenConnect (even though the client is present and the process running...GUID mismatch maybe?) so that I can then force a removal and redeployment. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This will find a dead service. SC is not in the software tab, but is present in the services as "stopped". It will remove that service itself, and issue a reinstall command.
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