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Found 5 results

  1. I'm having a problem where tickets in ConnectWise Manage are automatically getting 5 minutes of time added for tickets coming from Automate, specifically from an internal monitor to check for automatic services being stopped. The monitor is set to "Do Nothing" for the script to run, however the audit log on the ticket shows "Restarted service... successfully" when it is adding the time to the ticket. Any suggestions on where I should look in Automate to change this? I no longer want it to automatically add the time for this.
  2. I have two variables containing text in the format of time such as timefrom = 06:00 and timeto = 10:00. I ran a shell enhanced command time /t and stored the result in a variable called currenttime. Now I require to check if current time is between the two other variables. Is there a way to do such comparison?
  3. This script will compare the agent time against a list of NTP servers, and report the average difference in seconds. It is setup to be usable as a monitor autofix script. The "THEN" section executes if @STATUS@=FAILED, and will attempt to correct the system clock if it is outside a configurable offset number of seconds. The "ELSE" executes by default and only reports on the offset found without changing the time. This only uses native Windows shell utilities and has been tested to work for Windows XP-Windows 10. And uses only basic shell utilities for OSX/Linux. Script Updated 20170714 - Changed reported offsets to report negative values when the computer is behind, and positive when it is ahead. Script Updated 20180104 - Now supports OSX and Linux. Supports International Windows date formats. Updates to improve performance as a remediation script. This script is especially designed to be triggered by a monitor. An internal monitor is included in the .ZIP bundle that identifies agents with invalid clocks (based on the Automate Server as a reference). The monitor should only be imported after you have imported the script. As configured in this bundle, it will monitor all agents, but should "Do Nothing". The script should be selected as a remediation script in the monitor, but unless you assign an alert template that includes "Run Script" as an action, the script will never be triggered. I hope this helps! A big thank you to @imurphy for help testing and confirmation of correct operation with Non US Timezones and Date Formats. Check System Clock.zip
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a script that tells us "When ticket (x) comes in , schedule a check disk on (x) computer for a certain time (i.e. 9 PM). Is this possible? Could anyone lead me in the right direction?
  5. Hi there, I've created a script to clear the browser cache, and now I want to add a ticket with time to ConnectWise Manage for this job. I've created the ticket & attached a file to the ticket, which works fine in ConnectWise Manage. However when I add the time with Ticket Add Time, no time is added in ConnectWise Manage. It is however added in the corresponding ticket in Labtech. What have I not done? Does the User ID have to match up? Or is there something else that has to sync somewhere? Thanks, Steve.
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