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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a minimum required (or recommended) version of ScreenConnect/Control (Server/Access Agent) and/or the related LabTech/Automate Plugin in order to use the "Use Control to Update your Automate Remote Agents" Utility? Also, does ConnectWise have that utility "published" any where on their website? (Didn't see such a link in that Announcement.)
  2. We are a small tech team servicing multiple clients (mostly dents offices) and many do have windows 10 computers. Due to what Microsoft has changed to their updates some updates cannot be pushed by labtech and need to be done manually. How are ya'll handling pushing these updates that labtech is not pushing. Is there a script we can create to push these big update such as the version 1809? Is the plugins4automate Patch-Remedy a good option? Anyone use it?
  3. We're working on moving from Ignite-driven patching to the new Patch Manager in LT11, and I'm trying to figure out what determines when patches actually start installing once the patch window begins. We have a few Windows VMs (Server 2k8R2, 2k12R2, 2k16, and Windows 10) setup and while our Server 2012 R2 VM began patching immediately (evidenced by TiWorker.exe sitting at the top of the process list sorted by CPU utilization), the others started sometime after I left the office for the day and as I've been monitoring them today, I havent observed the process start yet. Should I be tightening up the patch windows to only an hour or so until we're done testing so I can force patches to start installing during business hours when I'm there to monitor?
  4. I am new to connectwise and labtech. How should I go about updating the BIOS of all of our managed devices. (PRIMARILY DELL) Before I look at options outside of labtech I wanted to ask yall if there is a way I should do this here. thanks.
  5. LTGeekAdmin

    The New Forums

    Welcome to New LabTechGeek! Welcome! As you can see there are some differences between our old setup and the new one. We've been looking at doing something like this for a long time and now we have! We also have a "Downloads" section as well! Whats that you say? Yes we are going to host downloads, and do things with them. More on that later. Since we have migrated to a new system there may be a few bugs we are working out. Some links may not translate, files might be missing from posts, etc. While we may not be able to fix the links, we should be able to get the files. We will be putting up a support forum for this case. Blogging 101: We will be having a new section! I have no idea what I'm doing...but you might! If you'd like to host a blog for cool things like "Scripts" and "SQL" or something completely off the wall like "API's" just shoot myself (Kspooner) or any of the other admin staff a PM on here or slack. With this PM please include a short blurb of what your first blog would be about so we can evaluate your writing style and content. Download The Internet: We will be slowly turning on this feature as we evaluate bandwidth and resource usage on our system. To upload to our downloads section you will require permissions to each section we offer. To those creators who want to offer downloads from our site, please reach out to me or one of the other admins. So thank you, community for giving back to yourselves. Most people are here to help others, and get help when needed so its amazing that you guys contributed enough so we could do this for you. A big big thanks from all of us. - Kyle Spooner (@Kspooner)