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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a minimum required (or recommended) version of ScreenConnect/Control (Server/Access Agent) and/or the related LabTech/Automate Plugin in order to use the "Use Control to Update your Automate Remote Agents" Utility? Also, does ConnectWise have that utility "published" any where on their website? (Didn't see such a link in that Announcement.)
  2. I didn't find this here earlier and ended up contacting Support about it, but props to @svc_root for posting a solution for this issue first. However, allow me to elaborate on this matter... Affects: LabTech/Automate Control Center version 12 patches 9 and 10 Possible Symptoms: Users unable to log into the Control Center. Users already logged into the 'Control Center may suddenly begin experiencing "never-ending" refreshes of data and/or will be unable to effectively interact with the application. The Control Center may suddenly "crash"/exit/quit. Issues occur during certain time frames, usually reoccurring and possibly multiple times of day. Users across multiple time zones may experience issues during time frames that will resolve to the same UTC times. May not affect all users in a given time zone, or any users in a specific time zone. For us a confirmed "dead time" resolved back to 1700 to 1900 hours (CST, UTC-6) every day, with another reported time frame ending at 0700 hours (CST, UTC-6) at least on week days. [There are also messages in two logs (one client-side, one server-side) that will correlate and basically confirm the problem. Will edit in that info soon-ish.] Here's what LT Support had me do to resolve: What didn't get mentioned there was that restarting the LT Database Agent is needed to effect that change.
  3. stephenitsg

    Hide Clients in LT 12

    Hey All, Took the plunge into LT 12 today and it looks like all of our old hidden clients are now visible in the company tree. How can we hide these like we could in LT11 ? Thanks, Stephen