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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Have enabled the monitor Updates - Failed and choose Autofix Action failed patch install. I though it will try to install the patch again. But I get a ticket saying: Failed Patch Installs for [COMPUTER NAME] and then it says: The following Patch(es) failed to install for [COMPUTER NAME]: But its empty. 1. Why dose it create a ticket on this? 2. Why dosent it displays the patch it could not install? Thanks!
  2. So, i am trying to find an alternative to patch manager that does not rely on windows update for inventory, but can be managed by automate. I know it sounds weird but we have a client that double checks our patch cycles with GFI and recently, for the second time, found a bug in windows update agent regarding the October Security Rollups. GFI showed the patch ready and needed and labtech doesn't. After troubleshooting we found an issue with windows update on his servers and because of that he wants a new solution used or for us to patch all 72 manually. What options are out there? I know this sounds insane (at least to me) but it is an honest ask...
  3. We're working on moving from Ignite-driven patching to the new Patch Manager in LT11, and I'm trying to figure out what determines when patches actually start installing once the patch window begins. We have a few Windows VMs (Server 2k8R2, 2k12R2, 2k16, and Windows 10) setup and while our Server 2012 R2 VM began patching immediately (evidenced by TiWorker.exe sitting at the top of the process list sorted by CPU utilization), the others started sometime after I left the office for the day and as I've been monitoring them today, I havent observed the process start yet. Should I be tightening up the patch windows to only an hour or so until we're done testing so I can force patches to start installing during business hours when I'm there to monitor?
  4. Hello all, A few weeks ago, I inherited the LabTech responsibilities for my company. We're using LabTech 10.5 for patching customer machines. In the past 2 weeks, I have gone from a broken, fully manual LabTech implementation to something that is starting to come together. My computers will now automatically join the correct client/location based on the custom agent installer. From there, custom auto-join searches file machines into the proper groups I've specified. These groups automatically onboard the machines and set schedules, etc, based on my group templates. I have figured out how to do some custom scripting and reporting on a schedule. However, I'm still missing the final killer piece... How do I setup my patching groups to automatically approve all Windows updates that I specify so I don't have to do it manually via the patch manager?????? I have tried various things, and I've searched these forums somewhat (maybe not exhaustively), but I'm still pulling my hair out. Based on the (terrible) documentation I've read, it seems like if my computers are A) onboarded, and B) under a "patching contract," a default script should be doing this already. However, as I said, this is an old implementation that I inherited in bad shape, so I'm not certain that it hasn't been "damaged" somehow. I've gone into the global config to where I thought this script should be, and it isn't there... Can someone please explain how automated group approval should be working in 10.5? Can anyone point me to a good howto guide maybe? If I get this done, and our clients are getting automatically patched as they should, I can then turn my attention to upgrading this software to a later version. So please (PLEASE!) help and I will be oh so grateful... Thanks all
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