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Found 3 results

  1. I just spoke with Automate support since one of our servers was showing a last patched date of 6/20/2019 by Automate but we found that it had not actually been patched since November 2018. With that said, I found from Automate support that the "last patched" date includes third party patching as well. So, this server was patched by a third party patch on 6/20/2019 but Windows updates had not been installed since November 2018. I asked them if they had a better monitor to best track the agents that have not had a Windows update installed in the last 30 days but they said there wasn't one. They said there are some coming down the road, but has anyone had to create a custom monitor that monitors just for Windows updates not being installed in the last 30 days for example? My goal is to create a monitor that would find agents that have not had a Windows update installed in the last 30 days and fully exclude third party patching from that monitor.
  2. I have tried applying several registry keys to no avail, Half of my endpoints are getting 1709 pop-ups the other half are getting critical security pop-ups. The later only seemed to start since upgrading at Labtech 12. Here is what I have tried: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings] "ActiveHoursEnd"=dword:00000012 "ActiveHoursStart"=dword:00000005 "BranchReadinessLevel"=dword:00000010 "DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays"=dword:0000016d "DeferQualityUpdatesPeriodInDays"=dword:00000000 "ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate"=dword:00000000 "FlightCommitted"=dword:00000000 "LastToastAction"=dword:00000000 "RestartNotificationsAllowed"=dword:00000001 "UxOption"=dword:00000004 "InsiderProgramEnabled"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Notifications\Settings] "Windows.SystemToast.Suggested"=dword:00000000 Thank you,
  3. I am running into an issue where a patch job will run but servers will not reboot, even though the reboot policy is set to "Reboot now." Once this happens future patch jobs do not run even if I have the patch policy configured to reboot before and after installing patches. One thing I have noticed on servers where this is occurring is that they seem to have a failed command where Labtech/Automate is looking for a registry key that does not exist called RebootReqeusted. Has anyone else ran into this issue or have any technical details about how the patching reboots function?
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