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We were having a lot of 2012 Domain controllers fail the test with the dctest.bat monitor with an error that refers to DNS. However when we would manually run dcdiag, even with the full array of dns tests, everything would pass.


Ultimately ran dcdiag /c /v /f:dcdiag.log and did find a failure under VerifyEnterpriseReferences


After a lot of searching, and no luck with Microsoft, found this article: http://davidmtechblog.blogspot.com/2014/02/windows-server-2012-active-directory_28.html


We did the procedure, and issue solved. So I'm not sure if labtech is misreading the newer version of dcdiag or what, but hope to avoid the headache for someone else that it caused us. It seems to affect most domains that were created prior to Windows 2008 server.

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edit dctest.bat to be:

@echo off

if exist %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe /c /test:DNS /DNSBasic | findstr /I /C:"failed test" | findstr /I /V /C:"systemlog"

if exist %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe goto :end

if exist %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe /c /test:DNS /DNSBasic | findstr /I /C:"failed test" | findstr /I /V /C:"systemlog"

if exist %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe goto :end

echo failed test Unable to find dcdiag.exe


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I'll chime in here...    why not keep the zombie alive...   well living dead.  For anyone who comes upon this in another few years.

The MS dcdiag tests run a dns test and the default dns test attempts to connect to downstream DNS to do some type of evaluation. The problem arises when downstream dns is not a windows box, dcdiag causes a DNS Error event to be generated in the event logs because it's connection attempt fails (it's trying to connect using rpc).

This then causes the dcdiag to fail because there is a DNS error event. It also raises an error event relating to the failed rpc connection. The solution is to tell the dcdiag to only run the basic dns test (use /DNSBasic switch).


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