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[FAQ] - Why are my Data Tiles blank?

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If people are still getting BLANK tiles with no data, then ensure that the FW is set appropriately on your LT server.


A good way to test if the issue IS FW related would be telnet to the LT server, from your dashing VM.




Section 1: Can I ping the LT server? YES

Section 2: Can I telnet to MySQL (3306)? NO


--- I then opened the FW on the LT box. (opened FW port 3306 only). ---


Section 3: Can I now telnet to MySQL? YES


Reason why I'm detailing this out, is because I went through my "How-To" guide again this morning just to validate some more... and I DID get blank tiles too. Quick shakeup of the FW and it was fine!



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I have a custom dashboard that has a canned weather tile that's blank, this same tile loads without issue on the default board. I've compared the two and can't find any differences. Any suggestions?

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