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Hi Greg,


I am trying to use isync2 but it is not working for me. could you please suggest me where i am making mistake..


Option Strict On
Imports LabTech.Interfaces
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices
Imports System
Imports System.IO

Public Class ISync2

   Implements LabTech.Interfaces.ISync2
   Private m_Host As LabTech.Interfaces.IControlCenter

   Public Sub Initialize(Host As LabTech.Interfaces.IControlCenter) Implements LabTech.Interfaces.ISync2.Initialize
       Me.m_Host = Host
       MsgBox("Plugin Initialize")
   End Sub

   Public Sub Decommision() Implements LabTech.Interfaces.ISync2.Decommision
       m_Host = Nothing
   End Sub

   Public Sub Syncronize() Implements LabTech.Interfaces.ISync2.Syncronize
       MsgBox("Plugin Syncronizing")
   End Sub

   Public ReadOnly Property Name() As String Implements LabTech.Interfaces.ISync2.Name
           Return "Reboot Schedule ISync2"
       End Get
   End Property

End Class

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