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Agent Menu Customization...

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Hey guys and girls been a while...


We've updated to LT10 finally, it's awesome for us in so many ways, loving it.


Recently I've been playing with the Agent Menu's options in Labtech (when you right click the agent icon) and I've added a number of scripts which clients can use to initiate a CCleaner cleanup or similar, however I what I really want to do is add an option which allows users to reset their Office 365 Password, I have the script already working which we use regularly, when run it prompts the scheduler for the email address and new password for said user, however I can't figure out how I can get this prompt to show for the user, is this even possible?


If not does anyone have any suggestions to work around it?


I was thinking I could grab the content from a EXCEL file stored on the local disk and make the users update that before running it but it's hardly perfect by any means.


I know there is a way to YES \ NO prompt users in Labtech Scripting, is there anyway to prompt a user for Text Input? That way in the script I could prompt the user for the content if not directly through the menu options, kind of hoping there is a way through the Script Parameters option in the Custom Tray Menu Editor.





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Sorry just to add to that the usual Parameters tab option in scripting does not work for this as the prompts just don't get shown anywhere.

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Also is there a way to update a specific group search results through script, one of the menu's I have showing based on who's logged in (I.E. Us as Admin) and it works but you can't just login and update config as you have to wait for the Labtech Group to update too before it works. :(

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♫ Hey... Hoe... Let's go ♪ 8-)


There's a few ways you can do this,

I just verified that the "EXE" option on the custom menu will run any executable ie: bat, ps1, exe.

I bet running a powershell script that prompts for input would work for you depending on how your script needs to run but you would probably be exposing some admin credentials in a script somewhere.


I think the best way to go w/out risking security would be to build a small plug-in or a web portal that your users can log into.


A quick idea of how you could pull this off:

Create a menu item that calls a LabTech script and in the parameter field put in %computerid% which will be replaced with the LabTech Computer ID of the person w/ the request.

Create a LabTech Script with a single parameter (ComputerID) that queries for the users email based on the Computer ID and continue running your reset script.

When done send a message to the computer or add a new text file w/ the info to the desktop.


Hope this helps a little :)

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I have confirmed with LT Support that this cannot be done currently however I have added it as a feature requested for both the AgentMenu and Scripting in gerneral.


As for your method jgreene, I had already considered such but wasn't going to attempt it until I had confirmation this wasn't built into LT10 which I now have, however this method fails horribly unfortunately as there is no way to get a Console Execute or a Console Shell to wait for the process to complete, it just launches your batch, powershell or exe and moves onto the next line.


Sure I could start creating loops and checks for inputs but this is getting stupidly convoluted already. :(


Thanks anyway.



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