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Network Device Configuration Backups

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I'm sure this could be cleaned up and some more device support needs to be added, but there seemed to be some interest in this so I wanted to get it out there for everyone to view and tear apart if wanted, lol.


There is some setup required as this was configured/created before you could setup network devices with encrypted passwords in LabTech. Also this does not rely on SNMP and other various Network probe functions.





Network Probe Configuration:


  • There should be a network probe at the locatino with the device (if possible).
  • Along with having a network probe setup they must be set to have the TFTP server enabled. To do this you just need to open the Network Probe tab on the Network Probe Agent (these have blue text). You will see a TFTP Settings box. Make sure Allow Upload is checked.
  • This is all that needs to be completed for the TFTP server to function.

Network Device Input:


  • Double click the client’s location in LabTech (It must be assigned to a location to work properly with the location’s network probe.)
  • Click the Password tab
  • This list is what devices will attempt to be backed up. This list is manually populated.
  • Add an entry with the following setup/syntax:
    • Title: Network Device - %devicemanufacturer% - %devicemodel%
    • User Name: The username to access the device
    • URL: IP Address of the network device. This is the IP address the network probe will attempt to use to connect. If SSH uses a non-standard port you can add :32 to the end to signify that. (e.g.
    • Password: The password for the device.
    • Notes: Enter details about the device if you have any (e.g. Serial, Role)

    [*]If the Cisco device requires an enable password, you will need to create another entry for that password with the following setup

    • Title: Enable
    • Username: Blank
    • URL: IP Address of the network device the password applies to
    • Password: The enable password for the device


It will complete the following actions.

  • Check to ensure the TFTP services are running on the Network Probe
    • It uses a netstat check to ensure the process listening on port 69 is actually the LTSVC.exe process

    [*]Pull basic information about the device from the SQL database (Using the password entry you provided)

    [*]Detects if it is a supported device using the %devicemanufacturer% field you entered

    • At the moment the script only works for Cisco and Fortigate

    [*]Opens a SSH connection to the device using the IP address

    • This defaults to port 22 unless otherwise specified after the IP address
      • Example:

      [*]Sends the enable command and password if required

      [*]Runs the various backup commands depending on the type of device (Cisco of Fortigate) that will back the configuration up to the TFTP server running on the network probe

      [*]Once this command is complete it will verify that the file was uploaded properly to the TFTP server.

      • The file location is under %windir%\LTSVC\TFTP

      [*]Then it will upload the file to the LabTech server where it will be stored under (L:\Uploads\%clientname%\%computername%)

      [*]If there are any problems with any of these processes a ticket will be generated with the error

      [*]If all backups are completed successfully and it detects a previous ticket for backups failing it will close the ticket since the issue has been resolved

      [*]If you recently added the entries and want to ensure that all backups are going to complete successfully you can run the script from the following location Scripts > Backups > Network Devices > Network Device Backup

    • The script will give you details on the process if you check the logs on the agent and at the end it will give you a total amount of failed backups (if any)


Script can be downloaded at this link: http://www.labtechgeek.com/forum/scripts.php?m=src1&guid=30ef2eff-4b58-11e5-90ee-00505601001e

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No issues getting it configured and working.

Does anyone know if we could get this to communicate with our Connectwise Manage system so that the configs get uploaded as documents for the discovered devices that Automate already added to company configurations in CW Manage?

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boast1570, I'm very interested in getting Telnet capabilities as well, if you manage to make it work, would you mind letting me know.

Thank you!

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I'm trying to take configuration backup of Cisco SG3XX. and I have modified the script to just keep the cisco part. The script works greats if the switch doesn't show the login banner but if it has a login banner it fails with authentication errors. I tried to send the username and password without any luck.

Do you have any suggestion on how to pass the credentials if a login banner is configured?


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To clarify, once I have this all set up, I should be running this script against the Windows device that is the current network probe in the same LAN as the network device(s) that I wasnt to back up, correct? If I right click on any of the Cisco devices on the "Network Devices" tab (we are on hosted RMM v12) the "Scripts" option is grayed out. 

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