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Copy / Edit Remote Monitors Between Groups In Bulk

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Something that I never could quite figure out was copying multiple remote monitors between groups. From what I could tell from searching around (and I could be missing something here), there was no simple way of duplicating remote monitors that had been created under one group to another.


For example, in my scenario I created a number of custom event log monitors that I wanted to move to a different group in order to change the associated Alert Template for a particular customer. The only options I could find for this were the following:


1. Drag created monitors from a machine that already had them in the navigation tree to the new group one by one (extremely tedious)

2. Use the third party utility Michael Priest created to duplicate monitors (I could not get this to work in our implementation but again, I could be missing something).

3. Manually modify the database



Instead, I stumbled across an easier workaround to this issue by doing the following (forgive me if this was already known or obvious):


1. Create a new group nested under the group you would like to copy remote monitors from

2. Access the remote monitors section for the new group. You will see all of the inherited remote monitors from the parent, but you will not be able to modify the alert template for them. Highlight all of the monitors you wish to copy.

3. Right click and select 'Duplicate'. You will now have two copies of each (one greyed out, and one editable).

4. Close the window and drag the group out of the parent location where it was inheriting the monitors.


All of the duplicated monitors will remain to which you can highlight them and change things like the alert template in bulk.

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This did not work for me in LabTech 11, unfortunately. I followed your directions, but when I move the group out of the parent location, things don't stay.


I'll be putting in a feature request for this --being able to duplicate a group (retaining its scheduled scripts and Remote Monitors) is a big deal and a must-have.


EDIT (03-14-17): I have now gotten this to work. Thank you, @myoung !

A side note: When talking with LabTech support about working with custom service plans; Despite a KB article showing how to do it on their site, and a LabTech TV video showing the advantages of custom service plans, technical support tells me "This is not best practice, not recommended, and not supported." When I showed them their own articles and asked why, I was told "Many partners don't follow the exact directions on how to do it and it causes more problems than it solves.


Mind...just blown. I'd be amused if I wasn't frustrated.

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