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Screen Connect - RDS users?


The latest version of SCR (5.4.9849.5781) seems to give us a black screen if we flip to an RDS user on 2012/2012r2. We dont have this on a few older 2008 servers. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this recently?

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I experianced this on BeAnywhere Insight before I moved to LT, most of my clients used RDP in some way or another on Server 2012 R2.

I got a black screen and things seemed unresponsive. As soon as the RDP connection was launched it would cut right off.

No idea what caused it but it sounds very similar. Haven't tried on LT yet though. :/


So for clarification:

-Same bug on different RMM software, BeAnywhere Insight.

-Clients using XP to Windows 10.

-RDP Session Host server running Server 2012r2.

-Black screen/unresponsive as soon as an RDP session was established on the client.


I don't know if this information would be useful in the slightest, with it being different software, but the bug sounds identical. Perhaps this indicates some underlying problem with RDP version 8+.

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