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Integrated AV -- Uhm...ESET Server?

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We are a small MSP, new to LT (about 6 months in) and new to ESET (about 6 days in). We bundled the ESET AV plugin with malwarebytes and are ready to tackle the installation.


In setting up eset, we found out we need to have an ESET server running... I'm not sure why we didn't know about that ahead of time ...usually pretty good about researching what i need to setup beforehand but i must have smoked too much crack that day... anyhow i digress...


I'm wondering what are other labtech cloud partners using for their eset servers? My infrastructure is in the cloud - and i'd rather not spin up another server and have that expense at the moment... I have thought about ditching it and moving to something more lightweight, but all the reviews and posts and advice push me back to ESET. It's worth the investment but I'd like to hear what the masses in the same position are doing with their implementation. The variety of knowledge and experience on this board is awesome - i want to harness it all!




-LT/ESET newb

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The performance demands on your ESET server are pretty low, so you depending on who you're hosting with the cost shouldn't be too bad. We use the same server for some other misellaneous tasks, so you could treat it as a catch-all application server if you don't have one already.


My advice if you're setting this all up new is to make sure you build your polices using the LT plugin and NOT from the ERA server itself. This will make managing it moving forward much easier.

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Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it! Good to hear the overhead is low. I was hoping it wasn't a killer. We've been using ProfitBricks for IaaS and have been happy so far. I'll take your advice and manage through LT. It seems that many plugin issues stem from not letting LT have control. Thanks again!

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