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Vitals in console dashboards

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Fellow LT Geekers,


I been working on an in console display for our tech team to get some basic data that is critical to the health and happyness of our clients that I would like to share with the LT geeks out there. The dashboard gives counts on all active agent types, offline servers and HitmanPro scans and alarms.


I have placed up on my blog all the details, screenshots and zip file download along with instructions for use at http://www.squidworks.net/2013/10/vitals-dashboard-for-labtech-msp-providers/


This version relies on the use of HitmanPro in either free or licensed mode so if you use HitManPro then you will like this dashboard.


I would be interested in any feedback .





Shannon Anderson :shock:

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I made some updates and fixes to hitman detail view and counters and added some new alarm metrics. The new Version 0.1 is now up and available.



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Does anyone else out there use this and possibly have it pull any CW information? I'd love to set it to pull in the following:

New Ticket Count, Open Ticket Count, Tickets that Require On-Site Count, & Closed Tickets this week.


If we could pull in Details of these tickets that would be awesome.. Basically Ticket Number, Client, and Assigned Resource

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This looks like it be very useful. Thank you for sharing.


I went to site, followed instructions to install PHP. PHP test is good. Download SWVDB files and place in wwwroot. Edited the heather.php with a band new account with superadmin permission. I am getting this error;


A error occurred: SELECT Distinct ComputerID FROM alerts WHERE Source LIKE '%Missing Service Pack%' and AlertDate > timestampadd(day, -7, now())



Oscar Romero

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:shock: :o Haha! :lol:


I guess you can go too crazy wit a password.


Using PHP Manager in IIS, noticed the Error Log in C:\Windows\temp\PHP53_error.log


The first line of the errors log stated;

[23-Oct-2015 09:39:47 America/Tegucigalpa] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: GE in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SWVDB\header.php on line 12


I checked the header.php file in Note pad, but could not really see anything.


Searched online for a PHP Editor. Color coding in programming really helps, but not in this case :cry:


Then looked at the error again and noticed "Undefined variable: GE ". My password included series of strings, including $GE% smack in the middle.


Sorry for the false alarm! :oops:


My password was

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I understand that this dashboard uses Hitman Pro integration. My company does not use Hitman Pro, nor do we want to. Will this Dashboard still work for us? Is there a way to change the items that the dashboard looks at?


Example: Instead of Hitman Pro look at Webroot?

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