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SQL Query in Script

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Does anyone know if there is some query in a script that will return all the SQL output, not just the first cell. I have tried most of the SQL functions and they don't seem to work.


The query I am trying to run is SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G. This should output a table of information. I want to be able to get that whole table so I can use a RegEx or something to parse out what I want. I know with a shell command I could do that but not sure how with an SQL, if it is even possible. Another option would be to send that to a file and read the file but I am not sure how to really do that either. I tried the output setting in MySQL and that doesn't seem to work.



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You could output to CSV:





Otherwise, execute mysql.exe from command line (shell), but you would need to pass a valid LabTech credential pair into the command, and return your result with %shellresult%



"C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\mysql.exe" -N -B -u -p labtech -e "SELECT * FROM TABLE"

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