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Grafana and Labtech

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After following @ShawnSack's directions, how did you guys get this set up as a service? I'm trying to get this to start when my server comes up, but I'm not having any luck.

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Hi , I would recommend that you redo your Grafana installation since ShawnSack´s instruction was before Grafana Labs included the mysql-datasource as part of their package.

Heres the official documentation : http://docs.grafana.org/installation/debian/

You can try to upgrade your current , to the latest version.


On to connection issues:

Try to get your service running:

sudo service grafana-server start

Make Grafana start up after reboot:

To configure the Grafana server to start at boot time:

sudo update-rc.d grafana-server defaults

Start the server (via systemd)
To start the service using systemd:

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start grafana-server
systemctl status grafana-server

Enable the systemd service so that Grafana starts at boot.

sudo systemctl enable grafana-server.service

Make sure when you have installed everything official you use these settings.


Datasources settings:

Name : Whatever you like | Make default

Type: MySQL

MySQL Connection

Host: your.server.ip.here:3306

Database: labtech   | Important, since thats the database where Automate stores everything.

User: A user account in Automate | Recommend something with only read permissions.| Remember that Automate user names are Case-Sensitive

Password: No need to explain that one


Hope that helps

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Sorry to necromance this thread but was wondering will this work on labtech hosted environments?  If so how hard is it to make the connection to the hosted environment to accomplish this?

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Hi , I am not really sure , it needs to be able to connect to your database in some way.Check your documentation on how to connect with connectors to your hosted enviroment.


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