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Remote Monitoring Overview

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I have created a Dataview that might find it useful while viewing remote monitoring configuration on groups.





INSERT INTO `labtech`.`dataviewfolders`	(`FolderID`, `Name`)VALUES('12001','Overviews', );

insert into `labtech`.`dataviews` (`Name`, `FieldList`, `ColumnList`, `HiddenList`, `SQLBody`, `IDColumn`, `SQLWhere`, `FolderID`, `ClientLink`, `ComputerLink`, `SortField`, `GroupField`, `SortOrder`, `FilterControl`, `FormatControl`, `LocationLink`, `IconControl`, `SystemPermission`, `UserClassName`, `GUID`, `SystemPermissionHigh`) values('Remote Monitoring Overview','`mastergroups`.`GroupID`,\r\n`mastergroups`.`FullName` as `Group Full Name`,\r\n`mastergroups`.`Name` as `Group`,\r\n`groupagents`.`Name` as `Remote Monitor`,\r\n`groupagents`.`What` as `Remote Type`,\r\n`sensorchecks`.`SensID` as `SearchID`,\r\n`sensorchecks`.`Name`  as `Search`,\r\n`alerttemplate`.`AlertActionID` as `Alert TemplateID`,\r\n`alerttemplate`.`Name` as `Alert Template`','GroupID,Group Full Name,Group,Remote Monitor,SearchID,Search,Alert TemplateID,Alert Template,Remote Type','','FROM (((`groupagents` JOIN `mastergroups` ON ((`groupagents`.`GroupID` = `mastergroups`.`GroupID`))) JOIN `sensorchecks` ON ((`sensorchecks`.`SensID` = `groupagents`.`SearchID`))) JOIN `alerttemplate` ON ((`alerttemplate`.`AlertActionID` = `groupagents`.`AlertAction`)))','mastergroups.GroupID','','12001','','','','','0','','','','107|','0','','','0');


Installation Instructions


1. Download the SQL File linked above

2. Open your preferred SQL interfaces (SQLYog, HeidiSQL, etc).

3. Copy Sql query and execute it against labtech database.

4. The Dataview will be available under Navigation Tree -> Operations -> Dataviews -> Overviews -> Remote Monitoring Overview


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This has been very useful in doing a high level overview to ensure I have things set. Great contribution. Thank you.


I think I will see about duplicating this for the benefit of review of internal monitors as well.



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