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What's inside your mystery box?

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Hi team,


I think ScreenConnect's toolbox is an amazing feature. It's great to have many utilities softwares in a blink of eyes.


So I'd like to share you mine toolbox and request to see your, so we can share secrets and softwares that we may missing!


So, I have :


Few Installers/Uninstallers for AVs.


.Net fixers


A lifesaver RepairAgent tool (uninstall and install agents)


Some NSFL .bat (do not try this at home)


And some tools to check process and etc.


Do you have any 'must have' tool?



Share and give your opinions!



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We have several of the items you have.


What I use on our list:


Hard drive tests for WDC and Seagates

Adobe PDF remover and installer

Blue Screen View

Bat file to clear printer Queues

IP scanner (very helpful for finding printers and VoIP phones!!!)

And we keep stock of a bunch of malware/virus cleaners for those pesky infections.

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