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Hi, I'm hoping for some practical insight. After the never ending LT11 roll-out we' are still in process with I've come to the conclusion that to maximize the usefulness LT offers we need a full-time LT admin , script monkey, SQL genius. I'm trying to figure out which skills and experiences, certifications this particular unicorn would need to posses.


From what I gather said person needs to be a SQL scripting master - In essence i'm looking for a job spec to hook this elusive person .


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Mariusn! That is my current job. Well, Kaseya admin moving to LabTech admin. You are looking for a system administrator / developer combo, heavy on the system administrator. You don't need a SQL developer or full on .NET developer. A "SQL master" is going to be expensive and WAY overkill. You need a tech who has more than just a cursory understanding of development. Too much developer and they will need more hand-holding to determine what monitors to make and what scripts to write. I think the ideal is someone with a strong tech background, strong Powershell skills, and a rudimentary understanding of OOP and SQL.


Let me know if you need clarification on any of this. I am also interested to hear what other people think or have experienced.

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