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I have need for a monitor that triggers an alert when an agent comes ONLINE so we can remove our tools from it, instead of checking the status throughout the day hoping it comes online. This is mainly for clients who have been offboarded and the initial removal failed for some reason. I was not sure how to go about setting this up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have that as a button that runs a script on a computer we want, when you run this script you write the reason (As Parameter) , then the script continues running on this offline computer, then when this computer comes online the script emails the LT user who ran this script with the reason (as a reminder what do you want to do with this computer)

I used this script a lot,


I attached the script for you, you can edit it to add your removing steps when it comes online. or maybe the SQL query in it can help you create a monitor.


Just an idea if you want to create a monitor, create a group and drag and drop the computer you want to know when it comes online, and add the monitor target to run only on that group.

Target to check: Computers

Field to Chek: LastContact

Check Conditions: GreaterThan


You can go farther later to create an EDF as checkbox and group with autojoin when this EDF is checked, but for us, that button was enough :)

Is it online.zip

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