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When I was managing LabTech for three MSPs, I got tired of having to log into different LabTech servers to use SQLyog, so I set up a redirector. It's also helpful for days you may be off site and need to get into SQLyog:


Name: SQLyog

Program: C:\Program Files\SQLyog Community\SQLyogCommunity.exe

Redirector Type: Computer

LocalPort: 3306


RemotePort: 3306

RemoteIP: %remoteip%

SocketType: 0

SocketFunction: TCPLocalList


UPDATE: If you run an instance of SQL on your computer, you need to change "LocalPort" to something other than 3306 (I use 3307), but leave the "RemotePort" as 3306. in SQLyog, when you make your connection, be sure the port you enter is the one you've set as "LocalPort"

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