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Get alerted when your hosted server IP is changed

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Last Sunday, my cloud hosted server was assigned a new IP. I know this because at 6:00AM, this was emailed to me:


Subject: LTServer - Check Public IP | LabTech Server IP configuration error detected


Status: LabTech Server IP configuration error detected



7/9/2017 6:01:31 AM

The following Templates have ServerAddress parameters including an IP that does not match the current detected IP for the LabTech Server (13.56.7x.xx).

Template: Default(1): ServerAddress=https://xxxxx.hostedrmm.com|https://54.219.1x.xx|http://xxxxx.hostedrmm.com|http://54.219.1x.xx|~


The script that detected this and alerted me is posted here: http://www.labtechgeek.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3532

This is designed primarily for cloud hosted deployments and as such requires no special functionality or access to the server. However, it will work even for on-premise installations. Since it's role is to discover what IP your agents are detecting your server to be at, if your server name is resolving to a different IP than expected you would probably want to know that.

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Thanks Darren, I've created a feature suggestion for getting the IP address fixed for each cloud environment.

I don't think Automate really understand the impact of having a changing  IP address on their product working. We have many customers with a single host and so when that gets rebooted internal DNS stops and so does automate. We found this out the hard way by scheduled reboots not completing.

So have downloaded your script and have it running, appreciate you taking the time to share this..

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