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Dashing NOT possible when using LT Cloud (AWS)

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I see in these post some real nice dashing solutions, which I would also like to use.

Like this one : viewtopic.php?f=19&t=847


But we are using LabTech hosted in the AWS Cloud !


I understand, after a chat with support, that dashing using a Linux VM which makes a DB (ODBC) connection to the LT AWS server is not possible.

As LabTech support writes :

"Unfortunately, being that system is hosted on our cloud, the access to manipulate the server is locked down to partners. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way around this. That being said, I believe this would be a great feature our other partners may be interested in as well. If you would like to put in a request for this feature you can do so at https://cp.labtechsoftware.com/#/forms-library/enhancements "


Anyone else wanting this, please summit it as a feature request.

Does anyone know of a plugin in which this is still possible, a plugin in which the LabTech server would send information to another Dashing Cloud solution ??

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