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Major Windows 10 Updates (Anniversary, Creators)

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7 hours ago, marktomsovic said:

@brendo - I downloaded the solution you linked and when opening the "Windows 10 - Install Feature Update" script I get the following.

You have this problem as well? I'm going to reach out to support and see what they have to say but am wondering if others have the same problem.

I am able to open it without issue

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Ok, that's strange. I deleted the script and used solution center to redownload it, same error.

I opened a ticket with support, we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.  Once it's working properly it should help out.

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On 4/21/2018 at 1:53 AM, tlphipps said:

Here's the latest version of this script that we've now used successfully on over 100 systems. This one is pushing build 1709 but you'll notice you need to edit it to provide the path to your server hosting the ISO. I was a little lazy this time and just exported one script with all of the other ones embedded in the export. When you import this, you'll get the following scripts:

- Upgrade Win 10 (From Tray Icon) - ERG:  Script designed to be added to your tray icon to let users start the install for themselves
- Remove Duplicate Scripts in Queue: A function script I wrote to avoid having the same script queued multiple times for an agent
- Upgrade Windows 10 - ERG: The main show. This is what you run manually if you want to schedule the script for an agent yourself.
- BITS Download - ERG: Helper function script to handle downloading the ISO using BITS
- BITS Status - ERGTEST: Ignore this. Not really sure why it's here
- BITS Status - ERG: Helper function to the helper function script above. I know @DarrenWhite99 says you don't need to do it this way, but I had issues the 'official' way and this has been working for us.
- FUNCTION - Email Results to Technician*: @DarrenWhite99's amazing function script for emailing whoever kicked off the script giving status updates

I don't recall having any failure to reboot issues with this version.

NOTE: I've removed any function for upgrading from prior versions of Windows (7 and 8). This is strictly for doing build-to-build upgrades of Windows 10 systems now.

Upgrade Win10-ERG.zip

Got a copy of this again as the link doesnt work anymore

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You know what it is working today.

Yesterday it kept saying Attachment not found. Cheers guys :)


Is there a way we can get it to install but not download the files e.g We provide the Install media?
Looking at best method if we also give the user a Prompt to say schedule update at this time but without SCCM cant find much pre-created online.



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