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Computer Audit Dataview

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This Dataview incorporates some data from the Disk Inventory dataview, the Computer Chassis dataview, including Video Card, Memory, and CPU columns.. I created it when a client asked for assistance gathering this information. The first time we exported from multiple dataviews and merged the columns in Excel. The next time they asked I made this so that 1 dataview had all the columns that were important in this instance.

Perhaps you would like these columns in a single dataview also. ;)

The SQL is safe to import through Control Center->Tools->Import SQL. If you re-import it will rename the previous dataview with "-bak" appended. The dataview will be added into the Inventory folder of the dataviews.

The attachment has been relocated to: https://www.labtechgeek.com/files/file/28-computer-audit-dataview/


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