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Custom Tabs - Dataview

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Hello All,


Does anybody know the 'Additional Where' parameter to get the dataviews within Custom Tabs to only show that client's results?


I've tried 'Clients.Name = '%clientname%' and various other queries but I'm very new to SQL


Any help would be appreciated!


The Custom Tab is on the Device field


Thank you

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The first post in the Custom Tabs mentions:

Dataview is a LabTech Dataview. You select the dataview to show and optionally you enter the additional Where. The additional Where is used to limit the dataview to show only the items you want, an example would be "Clients.ClientID=%ClientID%". You can use the replacements here as well.

A couple of posts down, it also mentions:


Replacements are available, Press F2

Use Command Execute and use "Message:" as the Program, It will pop up a messagebox with the arguments replaced with variables, this helps in testing.

Its @ID@ for the ID of the item you are on(client,computer,etc)

So if "Clients.ClientID=%ClientID%" didn't work, you might try "Clients.ClientID=@ID@".

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