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Resources needed for Azure hosted LT+SC server?

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We currently have an on-premise LT server with 1000 agents and running screenconnect as well. We're thinking of moving from on-premise to Azure hosted VM and were hoping to get advice about what type of Azure (or EC2) hosted instance other community members are using. Pricing it out based on the resources used by our on premise VM results in a pretty expensive instance, but we also throw all available resources at it (6 hyperthreaded cores, 23GB RAM, 200GB disk space). Does anyone have real-world guidance in choosing the resources for making this transition?

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We've found Azure to be very capable and have really stretched the limits of 'recommended' vs. actual by leveraging Azure. We are currently at 4,000 agents and we're running on a Standard DS3 (4 vcpus, 14 GB memory) instance. One key: 'premium (SSD) disks.' We originally didn't use those (they didn't exist when we started in Azure) but we had serious performance issues without them. So now we have 2 'premium disks' striped together using storage spaces and we moved our LabMySQL database to that striped volume. We never worry about disk i/o now.

I would love to add some RAM to this box, but the price for doing that is a bit salty so we're staying as-is for now.

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