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Custom Searches - Windows Version X and Above

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There are built in searches for specific versions of Windows. But if you want to select all agents at OR above a certain version, the built in searches don't provide for it.

This is a bundle of some useful Windows version Searches, looking for specific versions OR higher. I needed this recently when I wanted a remote monitor to only check Windows Vista/2008 or newer. These searches (especially the Windows 10 ones) cannot be built in either the legacy or advanced search, these are all SQL Query based searches that are locked to prevent editing. UPDATE - I have learned new tricks! I was able to build these as Legacy Searches, which means that they should be supported for all versions of LabTech and that they no longer need to be locked to prevent the SQL from being changed. Now you can see how the searches work, adjust them as new builds are released, or filter the results by client or group in the UI. (With the locked SQL it would always return all computers).

This single SQL file will import the following Searches:

  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1507 and above
  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1511 and above
  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1607 and above
  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1703 and above
  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1709 and above
  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1803 and above
  • OS - Windows 10 - Build 1809 and above
  • OS - Windows 2019,10 build 1809 and above
  • OS - Windows 2016,10 and above
  • OS - Windows 2012R2,8.1 and above
  • OS - Windows 2012,8 and above
  • OS - Windows 2008R2,7 and above
  • OS - Windows 2008,Vista and above
  • OS - Windows 2003,XP and above
  • OS - Windows 2000 and above

The Windows 10 - Build XXXX searches are limited to non-servers only. All of the other searches are just version matches and do not distinguish between servers and workstations.

The imported searches will be placed in the 'Operating Systems and Service Pack Level' folder if you have it, otherwise they will go to the root of the Search folders. 


SEARCH - Operating Systems Minimum OS - Windows Bundle.zip

Edited by DarrenWhite99
Updating Searches - New Method and Additional Searches
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Another Update has been posted. I have updated every search to use the Legacy Search format instead of locked SQL, and added searches for new Windows Builds and for Server 2019. (With the searches now being unlocked, you should actually be able to move them into a folder) Just import the bundle even if you already have it, it will update any existing searches with the latest information.

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