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Good (Time Of Day) Everyone!


I personally will be host a LTG livestream tonight at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. I will be covering how the REST API works in ConnectWise Manage utilizing Python 3.6. We will be gathering data and updating tickets and information from that data. I will go over the basics of how to interact with CWM so you can get the best out of your Manage Solution. We may even do some stuff with CWAutomate as well! So stop on by and learn something!





TIME CONVERSION:https://imgur.com/a/rv0Bc


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Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us, we peaked at 50 concurrent viewers! Thats amazing for our first run through!


Again, as stated in the video (posted below) we want to do this more. We want your help in doing so. Do you want to run a livestream? Do you want a specific topic covered? Would you watch a podcast with members of the community? Let us know here.


Since some of you skipped most of the above, here is the video!


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