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Planning Migration from Continuum to LabTech 11 Automate

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I will be starting in a new role as an L2 MSP Help Desk engineer and LabTech Administrator and taking the company from Continuum to LabTech - Automate 11. They want to configure most of the moving parts before they throw the switch. Their PSA is ConnectWise Manage. They are particularly concerned with prioritizing monitors and alerts, minimizing unwanted tickets and critical alerts through MMS or SMS. I do not currently have an active login with ConnectWise and need to refresh my knowledge. I did 25 hours of study with LabTech 10.5, administered patching and worked with monitors, alerts and the LabTech plug-in in ConnectWise. Any tips, links, gotchas and order of operations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Wow there is so much information you need its hard to get you a place to start.  We used to be all Continuum shop 1200 end points and we had labtech at the same time but for one customer and our main corp about 650 machines.  All of that was on 10/10.5.  When 11 was announced I started thinking about switching and we did on December 1 2016.  I think we were on patch 3 or 4 by then.

My main suggestion would be to have everything in place before migration.  At the time of the switch ignite was not making tickets because of major spam we were getting.  If I could do it again I would make sure you are very well trained.  I would sign up for the certification courses for automate and get to the highest level before migration.  Then I would move one small customer or make a test site with all the servers and workstation OS's you deal with.  Then try and break stuff and get alerts in a row.


Looking back I learned as we grew and that was a big mistake.  Continuum was fine and we could have delayed it a bit more.  I have things in my solution center I will never use and I cannot remove them once installed.  I would make sure as a company you are going to use and keep using anything you add from solution center.

I am happy with what we have now and I have customized a lot, but I have some lingering items I would rather they were not in there.

We have a lot of custom scripts that almost any tech can create, we have a testing phase and a production section so people do not accidentally click on a test script.

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