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Comparing complex version numbers for Files, Applications, etc.

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Automate installations provide a number of custom MySQL functions. These helped fill particular needs within the program, but they can help you too!.

Suppose you have two version numbers, like VER1=10.3 and VER2=10.2. Trying to compare them directly is a StringComparison and returns only 1 or 0 (True or False). A proper version comparison will tell you if VER1 is LESS than, EQUAL to, or GREATER than VER2.

The custom function LT_CompareVersions('VER1','VER2') will do just this.

Here is how the function works in practice. If VER1 is greater, the result should be "1", if it is less it should be "-1", and "0" if equal.  

            Evaluating,  StringCompare,  VersionCompare,  ShouldBe
            '11.34>11',            '1',             '1',       '1'
          '11.34>11.4',            '0',             '1',       '1'
       '1.10.0>11.0.0',            '0',            '-1',      '-1'
       '2.10.0>11.0.0',            '1',            '-1',      '-1'
'>',            '0',             '1',       '1'

You can see that a simple version compare will work with VER1>VER2, but when they get more complex you would get the wrong result each time.

Here is an example using the "IF SQL Check" script function. In my test, I want to know if the DiscoveredVersion is greater than my TargetVersion:

IF [SQL SELECT (LT_CompareVersions('@DiscoveredVersion@','@TargetVersion@') > 0) AS VerResult]  =  1  THEN  Jump to :NoUpgradeNeeded


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