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Moving to Automate - Thoughts and Pitfalls?

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Hi All, 

We're in the process of migrating our 14,000 endpoints from GFI/LogicNow/SolarWinds RMM over to Automate and wanted to shout out to all of you who are currently running the product of anything you think we should be aware of from a nice blank install of Automate? 

I'm curious to hear any "if I could go back" stories or if you would do anything differently based on the knowledge you have now since installing the product? 

We are in very early implementation with only our internal devices on the platform and are working with our Automate consultant on a few things (we've just turned on Ignite and damn that thing is noisy, especially for workstations). 

Interested in any thoughts, stories and ideas you guys have, we're very new to the product so apologies if I come across a bit stupid at times because of that!

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I know from our Own experience with about 7k endpoints make sure you know what in regards to event logs your bringing in, and how many days of them your keeping in the database as originally we went with 30 days and that was just incredibly unruly and made our database and performance a small nightmare. even at 4 days sometimes we have issues. that is one thing i would definitely discuss with them before you go to far.

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