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Missing Patches - Filter Duplicate Entries

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Is there any way to filter the missing patches dataview so that an agent will only show up once in the list if it has any missing patches at all, rather than multiple times (once for each missing patch)?

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I'll assume that you are comfortable with the thought of manually manipulating a Dataview definition in SQL.. There is no way to do it though the UI.

The only way to have the agent only show on one line would be to get all the patch information to show in a single field. That won't work properly if you have a column for the patch KB, a column for the hotfix id, a column for the support URL, a column for the name, the description, the OS, etc..... 

BUT, if you had a dataview that permanently did not include any extra fields unique to the patch except the name or KBID, you could replace that field (something like 'hotfix.kbid AS `KBID`' now probably) with "GROUP_CONCAT(CONCAT('KB',hotfix.KBID) SEPARATOR ',') AS `KBIDList`"  ... That isn't exact, and probably won't work right, but the GROUP_CONCAT function is the key.. See https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/group-by-functions.html#function_group-concat for more information on it.

If you aren't familiar/comfortable with SQL, then it might be best to forget I said anything.. Dataviews are complicated and easy to break.  BUT, what you asked about just might be possible...


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