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EDF Information - v_extradata tables build information

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To check when the v_extradata tables were last updated, look in LTAProccess.txt for `7RefreshExtraData` for the start of the update. The update has completed when you see `7RefreshSearches` in the log. Normally they are refreshed about every 24 minutes. If the intervals between each entry of "7RefreshExtraData" are more than 30 minutes apart, you should contact Support for assistance verifying your system is operating properly.

Sometimes you may want to refresh one of these tables manually. To refresh a v_extradata table, execute the following SQL as needed: 

call v_ExtraDataRefresh(NUMBER,'TYPE');

Where NUMBER/TYPE are equal to:

  • 7/Groups
  • 6/Tickets
  • 5/NetDevice
  • 4/Probe
  • 3/Clients
  • 2/Locations
  • 1/Computers

For example, to refresh v_extradatacomputers you would execute: 

call v_ExtraDataRefresh(1,'computers');

All 7 of these tables should be getting refreshed at least twice an hour so you should not normally need to do this manually. A refresh could be needed if you made significant changes to EDF values and would like to have the updated information reflected in DataViews. It would not be advisable to setup your own script/schedule for updating these tables. If you believe there is a problem with your tables being updated in a timely manner, you should contact Support.

When the tables are refreshed, the columns/table structure does not change. The table data is just updated with current values. However when a new EDF has been added a new column is needed in the corresponding v_extradata table. The column is only created during a REBUILD. The rebuild procedure creates a new table with column names matching all current EDFs of that type. Data is inserted when complete, the current table is dropped and the new one renamed to replace it. The rebuild procedure is named v_ExtraData and uses the same parameters.

For example, to rebuild v_extradatacomputers you would execute: 

call v_ExtraData(1,'computers');


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Updated to correct numbers/tables.
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On 1/16/2019 at 11:16 AM, mnpuckett said:

Is it bad that my numbers/type don't match up to yours?  😕

How about now?  I had posted this incorrectly previously. What is posted now is my understanding from my notes. If you still have different numbers, I'll need to investigate.

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