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Is custom tabs still an option?

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Hey there, 

Was reading some comments and it looks like this is dead with v12 / the new computer screen. 

I'd like to have a tab / plugin / something in the new computer screen that can run an embedded browser and show us a Web page running locally on machines. It's a site on machines in question, so would like to see that back in the Cc easily if possible.. 

Any options now with v12 for this or something else to achieve that? 

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It sure is.  When you create a 'tab' on the computer screen, it will be displayed as a tile in the 'Plugins' group, when running LT12.  So all SDK instructions are still right, even though LT is using tiles instead of tabs now.

But you already have the ability to run a browser on your screen which is actually being generated by the remote.  Open a computer screen and right-click the upside-down 'U' on the bottom left.  (Just right of the 'Begin' button and the Screen Connect icon.)  From the context menu, select 'Proxies' -> 'HTTP Proxy'.  This will launch a browser which will proxy all network requests from your designated remote. 

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Fantastic, thanks for the response. I knew about the redirect, but am looking at this as a tab/tile which is for some specific software running across a large number of machines. Almost like a plugin for that software if you will.


Will check it out, thanks.

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