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SNMP Version gets adjusted automatically ?

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Hi guys,

we have a strange behavior with OKI Printers, (perhaps other devices too).
In the Location we set snmp Version v1 and in the devices we set snmp version v1. After a while it gets resettet to V2c, which the printer does not support.

why does it change from alone? is there a template i can edit ?

thanks for any hint.

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I have no idea why it would change, but I feel like this is consistent with my experience. I have manually set devices to V1 when they seem to stop pulling SNMP data and I found them set to V2c. Since they had pulled SNMP data before, I assume it was done as V1.

This is probably worth opening a support ticket for, since you are wanting it to stay at V1 and it is changing. If you do open a ticket, I hope you share what you find.

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