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Hey Guys,

We used ScreenConnect separate to LT for a while, and used a trigger to send a chat message to M$ Teams. Included in this was a link to the PC in ScreenConnect. We are phasing out ScreenConnect as its own service and are instead going to be using only the built in SC client with Automate.

I want to have a way to re introduce the link so that the team can click this and land onto the Computer within Automate. Is there a way to generate this link easily? Buy default you get the computer name but not the computer ID. I am sure its possible with the default install to have Automate push across some additional custom propperties like the Automate Computer ID?

Even with this, how can I have a link that will launch the computer page?



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Eh? Not sure what you want to do. The two products are separate, LT opens the SC webservice and opens a session to a pc using that. Where you have it installed is irrelevant.

We have SC in the cloud, LT is onprem. We use a full license on SC which we bought apart and have the Lt included license installed alongside. The behaviour of SC is exactly the same as if it was installed on the same server, except we have a separate system and it runs faster due to bandwidth in the cloud service.

If you want to 'relink' LT to a new SC instance, just run the SC config wizard in control center dashboard config. It asks for the URL and credentials and does the work for you.

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Sorry if it was confusing, but basically I have a webhook using the SC Triggers.

A customer opens the SC chat and types a message, as no host is connected in SC, a chat message is create in MS teams.


The "Connect to PC" link is http://<<URL>>/Host#Access/All Machines//<<SC-GUID>>

Using this link a technician can chat to the customer and help them out. (On our personally hosted SC)

Since the integrated SC doesn't have individual logins to ScreenConnect  this isnt an option. I also dont want techs to be going to ScreenConnect directly, I want them to be going via Automate as it encourages the use of it.

I would rather have this a link fire up the Computer Screen on Automate.



So the question is more around, how do I get a link to this page. This will allow me to add it to the ScreenConnect trigger.

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@itinfserv How did you manage to setup that ScreenConnect Control chat to MS Team system?  Especially interested in how you include the connection link in the message.

Did you just have SC email the MS Team channel using the channel email address?

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