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Scripted Diagram

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Hello all fellow geekers.

I´ve scripted a sort of automated diagram , with the help of a Powershell module made by Kevin Marquette.

This was made as a way to learn Powershell and as a proof of concept for myself that it can be done. 

So if its a bit crude and unrefined, thats why. 

You also need graphviz for this to work.Follow the instructions on Kevins Github on how to install.

It consist of two parts , 

The script itself and a csv.

The data is pulled from a dataview with certain columns. 

I feel like it is ready enough to release for you folks to see if we can improve upon it.

I have it on my Github here with instructions on how to use it.




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Updated description:

Features: Graph a picture of your current Client and Computers inventory with corresponding locations. It gives an overview on Memory Total , IP-Address, Router Address , and domain. Server will be marked with red double boxes. If a device is not in a domain, and in WORKGROUP its box will be green.

Right now it draws the topology from top to bottom. You can change that easily by @{rankdir='TB'} to LR for left to right. To change Layout entirely: Change Hierarchical to Radial , Circular, Springmodel(Small](Medium)(Large) }| Export-PSGraph -ShowGraph -LayoutEngine Hierarchical

Preparing your data:
Pull data from ConnectWise Automate Data view : Network Make sure you have following columns : ComputerID,Agent Windows Domain,Client Name,Agent Name,Location Name,LocationID,Agent IP Address,Agent Router Address,Agent Type,Agent Memory Total,Agent Mainboard,Agent Serial Number,Agent Operating System,Agent OS Version,Agent MAC Export as csv , remove spaces from Client Name , Location Name and Agent Name.

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