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Data Growth Monitoring

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I saw another (older) post about this but it didn't quite match, so I thought I'd re-ask...


I'm in need of finding a way to track data growth trends for my clients. Specifically, I need to know the total amount of data used on a volume, and track it over time.  Then, extrapolate a future trend ( XXTB in 6 months, etc) to show growth.  Ideally I'd like to see it by volume, but subtotaled by server, and again by customer.

I tried to start writing this myself, but the built-in disk checks appear to store the percent used on the disk rather than the actual bytes used.  This is a challenge, since most customers are on VMWare, and VMDK's are resized often.  Also customers sometimes move data between drives on the server (by 'archiving' data to a different share, etc)

Once the disk is resized, the percentage of used space is meaningless.

Does anyone know of a plug-in that does this type of data growth trending?  I really can't believe it doesn't exist already.

This is driven by my customers that want to know how many years they can get out of a SAN or a BDR, etc...

Alternatively, if someone could point me to a way to modify Labtech to actually put the bytes used (instead of percent used) in the database that would be awesome.


I appreciate any help. 

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