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Learning SQL As It Relates To LT?

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Hi all,

After speaking with some people at AN2018 and also taking a few sessions at AN2018....I realized I have no clue about a thing when it comes to SQL queries and querying the LT DB for building monitors and scripts. Does anyone have a good suggestion on a starting point to learning SQL that related to LT?

Thank you,


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1) Don't learn SQL as it relates to LT.  Learn it like you would anything else.  Add it to LT after you know what you are doing.

2) LT's DB is badly designed.  I'm not talking about MySQL.  The table layouts and column names and what goes where and how a connects to b.  I guess thats what you get when you don't have design requirements and 5,000 different people make changes ;)

3) Monitors are SQL related, and I only mean related.  If you plan to RAWSQL everything then it matches but LabTech likes to GUI everything so you have to learn how their GUI frontend will do what you want on the backend and sometimes it wont.

4) Be careful with scripting as that can have some unintended issues and loops.  Just be comfortable prior to taking on LTScripts with SQL.



Start here.  And experiment.  SELECT is your friend, don't ever UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE without you knowing what is going to happen AND having backups.

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