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Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

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Not sure if this affects the scripts:


Our records indicate your company is enrolled in our Dell EMC TechDirect APIs service.  You are requested to complete updates within tools using these APIs by December 15, 2019 to avoid interruptions in service.


What’s happening?

We are making security enhancements to the following TechDirect APIs: Warranty Management, Self-Dispatch and Technical Support Requests.  These changes require updates within your application environment. 


Where can I find details of the API changes?

Please log into your TechDirect account to view the updated technical specifications (SDK) documents for the APIs your organization uses. The required code changes are clearly highlighted. 


Having difficulty accessing your account? From TechDirect.com, click “Sign in”.  Then, select “Forgot password?” to receive an email with an active password link.


What actions do I need to take prior to December 15, 2019?

1.  Implement code changes per updated SDK documentation. We recommend getting started as soon as possible. 

2.  Retrieve your updated credentials available from August 19th on the TechDirect portal.

3.  Test your API updates using the sandbox API from August 19th onwards.

4.  Update your environment prior to December 15, 2019 to avoid interruptions for applications leveraging TechDirect APIs. 

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the TechDirect portal.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at APIs_TechDirect@Dell.com.


Thank you,

Dell EMC TechDirect API Team

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